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Stylish and simple ponytail

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When a simple ponytail has become a daily hairstyle for everyone, it always has a monotony, so you need a new hairstyle to create a new temperament, and those ponytails are out. It’s this one that really comes to the rest of the year. Come and have a look.

The long blond hair is tied up on the top of the head. This bubble ponytail hairstyle is both refreshing and clean, and feels more fashionable. The fluffy bubble braided hair carries the casual feeling and is perfect for summer. The warmth of the day.

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Simple and clean black hair style, you can also tie out that fashion sense, a simple bubble ponytail hairstyle, clean and fresh, freshly scattered on the forehead, bangs, Nature has added a temperament.

Girls who like more casual and fresh feelings can make their own ponytails more casual and create more fashion sense. The scattered bangs are also constantly emitting more fresh air.

Simple low-tie a bubble ponytail hairstyle, the fluffy feel makes the whole hairstyle more stylish and individual, when the breeze slowly blows, it shows a full romantic atmosphere, showing in lazy Full of charm.

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A simple long curly hair style can also be combined with more lady models, simply put a twist on the back of the head, with the fluffy design of the curly hair, so that the entire hair style has a full of charm, fresh Elegant and more charming.

Or this pair of girly full of ponytail hairstyles, bright yellow hair accessories are adding more fashion color to this bubble ponytail, the few broken hair in front of the front is more natural and beautiful.