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Recommended for long-faced men hairstyles

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Whether it's a men's hairstyle or a female hairstyle, a good-looking and stylish hair style is not suitable for you. In fact, it is ultimately determined by your face shape, so it is important to choose a hairstyle based on your face. Today, I recommend several men's hairstyles for long faces. Come check it out!

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Ping Liu Hai short hair with the help of Liu Hai, cleverly cover up the lack of face type, and this hairstyle is very refreshing, small and fresh. Especially suitable for students in school, will not be uniform, and will not be excessively unconventional.

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The short bangs of the bangs, with the effect of the oblique bangs covering the forehead, will not have the effect of having a long face visually. At the same time, this hairstyle with short sleeves is very sunny and clean, and it is a hairstyle that makes you have a good personality.

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Qi Liuhai pot head can be cute, but men can also be a little boy, because of the role of Qi Liuhai, the limitations of your face will be perfectly covered, and you can't see it.

Broken long bangs with micro-volume short hair, very fashionable and very handsome, more importantly, your face will look perfect, can be called a stylish long hair style.

The thick oblique bangs with fluffy short hair on both sides of the shovel hairstyle is also a handsome hairstyle for long-faced men, for men with less hair, it is more suitable.