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Mature masculine hairstyle

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Friends who like to watch American TV or European and American movies are not difficult to find. European and American male stars are basically square faces, but they are handsome. One of the typical examples is the actor in Twilight, Robert's nickname is "The Five Cows", but Robert, who chooses the hair style, always screams at the fans.

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So, the hair is right, the face is still handsome and you have a nosebleed.

The fluffy big back of the bangs combing back and forth, together with the thin and shallow beard and the deep eyelids, it is difficult for the boys to prevent the girls from falling, mature and not uncle, handsome and not childish.

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The short curly hair of the forehead, Liu Hai unified back to comb, very handsome and stylish, for young men, it is also very sunny, both boys and men, temperament and face value is also a lot higher.

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The shovel green hair on both sides is matched with the oblique bangs, which can highlight the three-dimensional and handsome features of the facial features, and the contours of the face are more distinct. Another feature of this hairstyle is the richness of the layer, the modification of the head shape is not small, fashionable and practical.

Liu Hai cut short and fixed on one side, the whole is clean and tidy, with a color sweater to add some warm temperament, blue eyelids and gold hair color are complement each other, adding a lot to the overall.

Broken bangs's hair is very small, but it is a masculine little fresh meat. It gives people the feeling that they are positive and positive, full of energy and full of sunshine.