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Fresh and sweet girl short hair

· short hair

Girls' short hair styles can also show a variety of fashion styles. First, a simple short hair is the best choice. In the simple shape, it is full of fashion sense. The following are simple. A nice short haircut makes you easy to learn and show unlimited charm!

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The one with the shortest hair style is the half-tied hair style. It is simple to roll up the shape of a ball head. The brown hair color is also very fashionable and bright, but with a simple hair style, you can still feel it. That piece of fashion sense.

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The short shoulders of the shoulders are accompanied by the fluffy feeling. The short black hair is simply tied up with a half-baked meatball head. The fluffy feeling on the hair can make you feel more of the beauty effect, clean and sweet and more fashionable.

Elegant and charming, a princess hair style, let this simple short hair burst into a different atmosphere, with a light purple hair color, make this hairstyle more stylish, simple style for you Create a more beautiful temperament.