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Elegant girl with long straight hair

· straight hair

More and more women are focusing on curly hair or perm, ignoring the advantages and charm of straight hair. Walk into the world of long straight hair styles and explore the design and charm of straight hair.

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The black embroidered dress is simple and elegant, and the transparent tulle design reveals a mysterious and sexy scent. With a half-tie hairstyle, I look far away, very elegant and calm.

The long tail hair style of European and American actresses is used more. This is a very temperament hairstyle, which can bring us different feelings and experiences.

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The mid-length hair is tied into a low ponytail hairstyle and then sling long skirts are still very temperament, elegant and dignified, every move to show the lady style, quite a goddess.

This hairstyle of the goddess of the face is paired with a pink sling dress, with a pink girly sensation and a woman's noble and elegant, graceful and graceful.