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What kind of hairstyle is round face

What kind of hairstyle is round face learning it round face is your pride

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It is recognized in today's society that the face of melon seeds is the most beautiful face. With the face of melon seeds, how to make it look good. But not all girls have a melon face. In fact, there are a lot of girls with round faces, want beauty, hair style. So what kind of hairstyle is round face?

First of all, as a big face, you should avoid some minefields. If you don’t need it, don’t tie up your hair. Because it will only expose how many pounds your flesh is, you can’t get the lid. Don't make it because it will only show that your face is short and your face is already rich in the innate foundation. Therefore, the face of the bangs is fat and short.

If you have a big face, you can't have bangs. Of course not. Appropriate partial bangs not only have the effect of lengthening the lines of the face, but also make people look like kawaii. Liu Hai is picking some gaps. It is slightly biased to create a sense of air on the forehead. This kind of bangs is not only a big face girl can stay, even a normal face type of sister paper can also try.

1. Liu Hai, who is slightly separated from the forehead, has an affinity to dilute the tough temperament of defining a strong woman. The seemingly casual little wave adds a little lazy femininity. In an office with a strong atmosphere, your every move becomes Focus of everyone

2. The neatly combed and short-shouldered hair is dyed into a chestnut color with a little bit of glamour, but the deliberately grasping the loose tail and thinning bangs neutralize the hard temperament. It is the first choice for the popular neutral style.

3. The middle point seems to be the heat of this year. I want to blow the hair that grows to the cheeks to make a sense of fashion, and the hair dryer becomes the best helper. The elastic wavy tail blurs the impression of the average person on the OL model.


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