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Short hair style in summer

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It is said that summer is a short hair season! Indeed, the short hair style of summer hair style is not only fashionable but also very refreshing. The key is to have short hair in the second half of the year, and the long hair in winter is warmer and more pleasant. How do you cut short hair in the summer? The following is a set of 2018 popular short hair styles that Xiaobian will share with you. You must have the style you like!

Short hair straight hair style

Summer is a refreshing theme, but it should also be fashionable! This short hair straight hair style must be the first choice, short straight hair is very clean and neat, with the mid-point no bangs design is definitely the right way to refresh, open, simple, temperament gas field! Both female and female students are suitable.

Shoulder short hair style

A short hair that is popular in popular short hair styles in 2017, continued to fire in 2018, and is also a burst of short hair in the entertainment circle. The hair just fell on the shoulders, and the hair ends to create an eversion curl. Not only is it a slim face, but also a playful age, it is easy to have the fashion sense of Miss Korean song.

Bobo head short hair style

The shortest hair style of girls is the most classic and fashionable. It is especially suitable for light-skinned women. It is also very convenient to take care of everyday. It will be made with a slight inner buckle. Even with natural black hair, it is very capable, and it has a literary temperament and is very classic.

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