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Roses C wave volume perm hair

Three-dimensional full of roses C wave volume perm hair

· perm hair

To talk about this rose C, this is a perm hairstyle, there are many people who like it, Rose C wave volume perm hair pictures are:

An atmospheric volatility wave perm, a large arc of perm breaks the rigid perm of daily perm, and the embellishment of golden hair makes the shawl look gentler and more fashionable, and plump and straight.

The back is quite superb Korean style wavy hair, dark brown gradient wavy hair + light blue natural sweet eye-catching, layered wavy atmosphere sexy makes people unforgettable.

Girls who don't like too much hair dyeing, when they choose to burn out the full-bodied perm lines, highlight a few blue-eyed peacocks on the long hair of the ink, making the whole hairstyle on the fashionable track, which makes people notice.

A very fascinating hot dyed hair, gentle and tender pink spread on the top of the head, dark blue, malachite green, burgundy, deep purple four color gradients highlights, composed of beautiful "starry color".

Choose this rose wavy curl, first layer the hair cut + hot C roll, layered to create, there is a full look and feel, dark brown + light brown is very warm.

The same is the golden hair color wave hot roll design, this perm has more layers, it looks very gentle and gentle, the golden shiny hair is the most attractive.

About the rose C wave volume perm is introduced here, is there a kind of good-looking perm that loves wood? Come and get one for yourself.

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