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How to take care of summer hairstyles

I don’t know what hairstyle I am suitable for

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If you don't know how to take care of your summer hairstyle, look at these eye-catching short hair styles.

The stylish mid-distribution model plays a very good role in modifying the face shape.

The light brown hair can make people look particularly intimate, and the makeup can be highlighted without any makeup.

Liu Hai is positioned in the center of the forehead, which is very retro. The effect of the Sassoon hairstyle has a small face. The hair color highlights the whiteness of the skin.

The hair after the split is fashioned with Barbie, making the whole person noble like a princess. This hairstyle is suitable for beautiful women with less hair.

This silvery white sleek hair gives a clean, neat feel, and the medium distribution adds a touch of modernity to the overall look.

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