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Fresh and sweet bangs braided hair

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Cute and sweet little girls always like to make their hair style more sweet, the following fresh and sweet bangs hair styling tutorial design, I hope to bring you a reference, simple hair style also Can create that pure and pretty woman.

Fluffy curly neck and short hair on the bangs simply beside it, with a nice little clip is also very sweet and lovely, the tail of the slightly tilted design and that air bangs, are constantly showing that one A sweet girl!

The first step: first clean your own simple short hair, take a hair from the top of the air bangs, and simply turn the twisting operation, as shown.

Step 2: Take out the hair clips you have prepared, and fix the hair clips simply by fixing them on the braided hair style.

The third step: the other side of the hair is also the same step of the previous operation, the hair is turned up and then fixed with a hair clip, and then simply tidy up your own air bangs.

The fourth step: This fresh and sweet short hair braided hair style has been completed, with a little simple playful feeling, perfect to present more fashion charm, like the girls come and try it, very easy to learn Oh.

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