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Fresh and pretty little curly hair

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A fresh and pretty little curly hair style can also create a variety of fashion styles. Different hairstyles have different fashion temperament. Let's feel the fashion style of these small curls and create a cute and playful girl. Breath, you deserve it.

The fluffy feeling on the brown shoulder curls, with the look of the beautiful princess head, the two twisted twists make the hairstyle more fashionable and temperament, showing more good time.

The princess hair style has a variety of fashion styles, with a hairpin will be a bit more fresh lady, the muffin head is made more fluffy, can feel the refreshing feeling of half a tie, and that hair Fashion temperament.

When you feel that the short neck hair has such a sultry feeling, it is also very good to half-pick a hair of a ball, the hair of the tied ball is full of a messy feeling, like a small flower in full bloom. , showing you the most beautiful side.

If you feel that your hair style is a little monotonous, then it is very good to match a fresh and sweet garland. The messy little curly hair carries the fluffy and messy feeling of it, and the freshness is more sweet and moving.

Lazy low-tie hair, very suitable for the rest of the home to sleep, brown curly hair is very fresh and sweet, simple to pull behind, let you feel that full of leisure time, simple and more stylish!

The shape of the princess head is still the most temperamental style of short curly hair. The light hair color exudes a little fresh natural feeling, which perfectly presents the fashion goddess fan.

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