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Girls who like to dye hair, the following fashion hair color is specially prepared for everyone, fashion and not high-profile hair color to add more touch of fashion color to your life, let you turn into a cool girl!

This pale pink color is no longer exclusive to white-skinned girls, and the faint color will not be particularly conspicuous. Instead, it can bring people the exquisite taste of it, with the design of short hair style, let this Short hair more fashion charm!

This dark purple hair color is very low-key temperament. When you are in the sun, you can feel the fashion purple of that point. At the same time, it will not be particularly conspicuous, but it has a fresh sense of fashion!

The sultry blue hair color makes the girl's skin color more white and natural, the soft short hair carries the fresh and beautiful one, and the sultry blue color is more youthful and energetic. The girl's bright smile is the best charm display.

The sun shines on the golden hair color, letting you feel the dazzling light of that one, as if it is a fashion sense from the comics, fluffy short hair with more fashion, let the girls always Cool girl!

The ultra-short hair design makes this white and gray hair color more fashionable. The European and American style is also very three-dimensional, and the fashion sense is more beautiful and moving. It is the best charm for you. reflect.

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