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Create an air pendant

Create an air-filled hairstyle with a charming temperament

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Nowadays, natural hair style has been loved by more and more people. Everyone pursues nature, advocating nature, and the neatly decorated hair style is not popular. How to use hair curling air to make hair style naturally attractive.

In fact, the method of creation is very casual and very simple. As long as we leave a few air shatters in front of and behind the ears when we are tied, we can have the effect of air with a natural curl.

The airy hair extensions is also divided into a variety of different hair styles that can be paired with different hair styles.

Horsetail with air burst

The hair color of the model is more dark, and after the ear is left with a little hair, the entire pony tail looks lighter.

It can also create several large waves for the two sides of the hair, which adds a touch of cuteness.

Tied hair with air burst

Match the meat of the ball to maintain the fluffy feel of the hair of the ball, and the fluffy shape will make the model look small.

Shawl hair with air hair

The more popular way to wear a shawl is to put one side of your hair behind your ear, but don't forget to keep a small amount of hair on your ear so that it looks more playful and cute.

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