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Challenge the distinctive hair color

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Exaggerated and fashionable hair color is a lot of girls can not easily try, especially the distinctive green hair color is rarely tried, in fact, as long as the care of this personality hair color is also very trendy, just follow the small one Let's get up.

Long hair cares into the temperament of the side of the bangs braided hair to comb out the fluffy effect, giving a sense of fashion, the blue-green color, the personality is distinct.

The American-style large curly hair style is dyed with a yellow-green color and a stylish hair color to show the white skin, and the effect of the big side looks extra temperament.

The mid-length hair style is taken care of and has a fluffy effect. The hair color is dyed on the tail, and the gradient color effect gives a fashionable fashion sense. The funny expression is cute and cute.

Healing girl series short hair style gives a sense of true girlhood, the second yuan Qi Liu Hai and short hair with a playful and cute, very young age.

With some artistic sense of flower hair, the personality is more individual, and the two light green flower hoes are in sharp contrast with the light blue hair of the forehead.

The temperament of the big wavy hair curls in the back of the head to make a sculpted hairstyle, full of personality, giving a visual impact.

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