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2018 young girl's hairstyle

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For the time when you want to change your hair style, there are many people who choose the style of hair style. They like to have the kind of hair style that is not too naive, and it will not be too mature, so it is between childish and mature. The hair style must be the most suitable for young girls, and for most girls, they also want to show the style of young girls.

The air bangs reveals the temperament of a young girl. The girl with a small face is very cute girl's temperament no matter how to keep the bangs, and the hair curling out of the hair ring immediately makes the overall hair style increase.

Breeze bangs + short straight hair

The air bangs increased the short hair and scattered it. Not only did the young girl feel, but also revealed the Japanese style. If it was a small-faced girl, it would be easy to control the hairstyle and it would be simple and capable.

Three seven points micro-volume clavicle

Among the annual hairstyles, the three-seven-point micro-volume clavicle hair has always been a popular classic. The three-seven-point micro-volume clavicle hair is the most seasonal hair style in the autumn and winter seasons. The large partiality of the bangs is small, the neck is long and thin, and the classic temperament Hair style, is also a gentle and elegant temperament hair style, any face type three or seven points micro-volume clavicle hair is very versatile fashion.

Air bangs + long straight hair

Big long hair can't show the girl's taste, the girl's temperament? Whether it is hot roll or long straight, as long as it is equipped with an air, Liu Hai immediately becomes a young girl. The girl with a lot of hair will keep the pure black hair color of Liu Haichang straight hair more pure than other hair color.

Micro-volume bangs + egg roll long hair

The girl with round face and goose face can easily control the micro-volume bangs + egg roll long hair, even if the color is not obvious, the young girl feels very strong, but also reveals the taste of the Korean drama heroine.

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